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Telegence was established September 2001, with the vision of providing next-generation data processing and management (DPMS) products and services. Our goal is to bring value to our customers by providing cost-effective solutions that incorporate both the latest commercial computing technology and best practices employed in the telecommunications industry.  Additionally, we continuously strive to apply our technological experience to other markets that can benefit from the proven techniques and processes used in the telecommunications industry.


Our diverse staff provides us with the necessary experience in commercial technology and software practices as well as over 100 years of cumulative experience in technology. Our extensive experience includes hardware, software, network design, and system architecture expertise, cultivated while working side-by-side with world leaders in the industry.


Telegence provides high quality DPMS data collection, mediation, revenue assurance and data mining solutions & services to our diverse customers. Our approach to bringing value to our customers is simple: we ensure that our solutions consistently meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. We recognize that several of our customers may require support in order to effectively integrate our solutions into their existing networks. Telegence satisfies this need by providing technology consulting and integration support services.

In addition to providing new functionality, our solutions will reduce customer-operating costs, and improve accessibility and maintainability. This is achieved thru centralized operation and administration, implemented by the latest thin-client GUI technology available.

The use of common, open system  platforms and software result in solutions that are easier to administrate, operate and maintain. Embracing an open systems approach ensures our ability to keep pace with industry innovations in hardware and software technology and pass those improvements onto our customers in a cost-conscious manner.

Value is provided to customers through improved products and services. We achieve this by continually focusing on customer concerns and ensuring quality through the use of the following:

  • Well-defined processes
  • Clear requirements, guidelines, and standards
  • Clear definition of available resources
  • Clear definition of timeframes and their accuracy
  • Clear definition of risks

Clear and concise requirements are obtained by working closely with our customers to understand their particular needs, and to create accurate statement of work that serves as a road map to provide the best solution.


Our mission is to:

  • Provide customers with highest quality data collection and validation products and services.
  • Bring value to our customers by reducing costs.
  • Improve our customers’ products and services.
  • Stand by our customers by providing technical support and consulting services.

Empower our customers to integrate new technologies in their existing environments.


Our management and engineering team has a proven track record of providing high quality DPMS data collection / processing products and services.  Telegence knows that extending customers’ existing network and business practices can often be challenging. We meet this challenge through carefully planned business and technical exchanges with our customers. This ensures that our solutions are effectively integrated into existing operational environments, while making sure that our customer’s operation and administration needs are fully understood. Telegence recognizes that no one understands a customer’s business needs better than they do.


The following guidelines will be used throughout the company to meet this goal:

  • Clearly define product and service offerings in terms that customers understand.
  • Use industry standards as guidelines or requirements.
  • Providing comprehensive, intelligent, and easy-to-follow documentation.


Telegence operates under the philosophy of trust, balance, and respect. Our desire is for our relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees, and community to prosper. Bringing value to our customers is important to us; we plan to achieve this by working with them to enhance their business environment thru improved tools and practices; always keeping in mind that all customer interactions are important.


All the core functions of the business are carried out at Telegence headquarters in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Located on east coast of the United States, Cherry Hill is about 20 Miles northeast of Philadelphia airport and 2 hours drive from Kennedy airport in New York.

Our facilities include the necessary equipment and capabilities for hardware and software design, test, and manufacture.  It is from this location that we monitor and support all of our system installations worldwide.

Our Values