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Alarm Monitoring System

The monitoring system is intended to sit on it’s own, independent server, and keep track of other Telegence Corporation systems deployed at the customer’s facilities. It is to be able to monitor non-Telegence system also, for common services (ICMP ECHO, SSH, HTTP, FTP).

The system will provide a graphical front-end, including a pan-able map with status indicators placed at the system locations. This front end will have a concept of users, and roles to which those users are assigned. Users and roles will only have access to monitoring data for which they have permissions. It is intended that the over-all system be able to work with multiple back-end monitoring servers.

Each site will have a display indicating it’s status. A trim, green pin is displayed for sites that have no problem issues, and all is OK. A yellow flag is to be displayed when there are problems existing that have not yet been fully qualified. A bold, red flag is to be displayed when there are confirmed problems at a site and also each site will be able to display a pop-up bubble containing status details.

The Topology is as the general architecture is a client-server arrangement. The client does the checks on the systems-under-observation and the server manages the display of data, and to a degree it also manages the client configuration.