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DS2000 Data Server

The DS2000 collects, validates, formats, stores, and forwards up to 25 million call detail records per hour to downstream processing applications (e.g. Rating/Billing, Fraud, Churn, Marketing/Sales, Data Warehousing, Customer Care).

The DS2000 can collect data in continuous or burst mode. It can be configured in passive (parallel) mode or active (emulation) mode. The collected data is immediately committed to non-volatile storage for further processing. The DS2000 can detect duplicate files and blocks.


A complete audit trail is maintained and available for future diagnostics and call tracing. File naming conventions are completely flexible; the DS2000 can operate to industry standards or rename the files to the service provider’s specific conventions. Usage files are forwarded according to user-definable schedules, in increments down to five minutes. The DS2000 may be configured in redundant, hybrid or simplex modes, maximizing the service provider’s return on investment.