Telegence doesn’t just collect and forward your data. In addition to reformatting and filtering, we also perform auditing with customized reports. Our processing modules store relevant information into an SQL database, which enables reports to be made using our reporting tools, as well as third-party products, such as Crystal Reports. These reports can be configured to run on schedule, with results emailed, or they can be run in an ad-hoc mode, where the user selects the information they wish to see.

This auditing process also provides validation, with each data record being tracked by time and source.

Accumulating all of this data takes a lot of space. After a certain amount of time, the data may not be of any value. So, our system provides for data aging mechanisms too. Data can be simply deleted, or it can be transitioned to off-system data warehousing sites.

Alarms and Notifications

Our system can generate alarms based on many conditions. The primary use is for “lack of data” or an “unreachable host”. However, it could be setup for any kind of data condition to trip an alarm.

Alarms have varying severity levels: Critical, Major, Minor, and Informational. These alarms can be delivered via Email, SNMP trap, SMS, or even dry contact relay.

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