Our Legacy Collection:

  • ITU-T X.25 Communication Protocol, or using XOT to an X.25 gateway device.
  • Bellcore BX.25 Billing Data Transport
  • Nortel XFER
  • Cook Electric 9-Track Tape Emulation
  • SCSI Tape Emulation
  • Pertec Tape Emulation
  • T1/E1 Data Streams
  • Telnet Interrogation
  • FTP Transfers
  • SYSLOG event collection

Do you have a piece of equipment with an unknown interface? In some cases, we can find the literature and implement it. In other cases, we can reverse engineer it. Talk with us.

Our Modern Collection:

  • SNMP query and trap collection
  • SSH interrogation
  • HTTP queries
  • Database tables
  • IOT M2M (ETSI TS 118 101 etal)
  • GTP’ implementation of the 3GPP TS 32.295 Charging Gateway Function
  • Anything on TCP/IP can be collected
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